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The Big Elephant Group

How do you
eat an elephant?

First you set the table.
Building a brand is much like eating a elephant, the task initially appears to be too large to contemplate. So start by setting the table and decide when you would like to start eating, what utensils are needed, who you’d like to invite to join in, and when you’d like to finish. Now you have a plan.
Now decide which bits won’t fit in the fridge and eat those first. These are “the have to do immediately” issues.
By making choices about what is most important you can now break the process into manageable bites. You can fetch more from the fridge as time goes by - remember a brand is not created at one sitting but with a plan, the right utensils and having the right people to help your along the way, the impossible can be achieved.
Invite us to dinner, we’ll help you enjoy the meal.

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The African Elephant is the largest land animal. Males will grow to 10-12 feet tall at the shoulder, and weigh between 10,000 and 12,000 pounds when full grown. The skin of an elephant can be from 0.25 to 1.5 inches thick to withstand blistering sun and torrential rains. Its diet consists purely of vegetation in the form of grasses, tree limbs, tubers, fruits, vines and shrubs. They will spend up to 16 hours each day foraging for the 300+ pounds of vegetation they must consume to meet their nutritional needs.